Create High Converting E-commerce & Dropshipping Funnels
One of my biggest secrets to E-Commerce success is that I don't use shopify stores anymore (except for backend processing or testing)
Dropshipping with Clickfunnels is so powerful for increasing your AOV especially in a competitive market!
On one funnel I took my AOV from $19 to $35 by making the switch from Shopify to clickfunnels!
Would that make a difference for your business? Not only can you spend more to acquire a customer you can also profit more.
*This University is FREE on condition that you use Clickfunnels through Funnel State University. We help you, you help us.*

"A simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversions and sales online."

- Tony Robbins
By The Time You Graduate...
The Funnelfessor will be proud that you have created a beautiful operational ecom funnel of your own!  Clickfunnels was designed more for info marketers. But the funnelfessor and a small handful of others have turned it into an ecom beast! 

The setup is far more TECHNICAL than Shopify and as such FSU gets down and dirty with the Technical!

Even the Funnelfessor needs to refer to his checklist! This is due to how many things you must have setup and tested which you will get access to!

You'll be able to do all of the following:
The WYSIWYG CF Builder - What You See Is What You Get! You'll walk out knowing how to build a ecom funnel from scratch and how to use the editor like a pro. 
Domain Integration - These types of things can get tricky. The Funnelfessor will make sure you understand how to point a domain towards Clickfunnels inlcuding the use of subdomains.
SMTP Email Integration - Just about everyone hates setting this up. Heck, you might not even know what this is! Let the funnelfessor walk you through this step by step.
Clickfunnels Stats - Understanding the clickfunnels statistics is of most importance. You will know how to read your data which will help you make important decisions.
Add FB Tracking Code - It's important to track conversions, and yes you'll have to do a little bit of easy coding with the funnelfessor!
Add Google Analytics Tracking - You'll be sure to record visitors so you can analyze the traffic sources and conversions.
Create an effective two step order form - One of the prized beauties of CF is that customers don't have to go through multiple pages to checkout.
How To Setup CF Account - There's a few things you'll learn that will save you hours of time from the get go.
Whitelist Your Domain - So that you get better open rates for email sequences and blasts.
Run Split Tests - Something Shopify wish they could do but can't. You'll walk out knowing how to split test a page to optimize for better conversions!
Add Products - One misstep here = a failed funnel. You'll learn how to add products the right way without skipping anything and finding out the hard way.
Bump Offer - Clearly one of the best things about CF. You'll be able to "bump" your AOV even higher when you learn how to utilize this simple trick.
Use Automations - The glorious thing about CF is that they have a built in email CRM. By the time you leave you'll know how to setup email sequences and broadcasts to maximize profits.
3rd Party Integrations - Fortunately Clickfunnels has taken the time to allow for easy integrations with many other software services. The Funnelfessor will walk you through some that he uses.
Spy On Your Visitors - You'll be able to see your visitor's movement on your site in real time to see what may be hurting your conversions.
SMS Integration - Send automated text messages based off user actions. Great for abandoned carts!
Integrating With Aliexpress - For those that don't want to use Shopify at all the funnelfessor will show you how to link to aliexpress if you need to.
Save Your Own Templates - So that you may save massive amounts of time when creating new pages!
Payment Processor Setup - Get setup quick so that you can start taking payments on your funnels as soon as you're ready to go live.
Test Order Walkthrough - Go through a step by step test order in test mode to make sure your funnel is working properly.
Export to a Formatted CSV - Not everyone wants to send orders elsewhere. Some like to keep it plain and simple but need a little more than what CF gives them. Let the funnelfessor show you how to export a CSV to google sheets automatically.
How To Properly Customize URL's - Most people do this wrong actually. You'll learn how to do it the right way so that you can swap out links as need be!
Setup An Affiliate Program - Yup you'll know how to run your very own affiliate program right inside CF. 
Setup A Membership Area - Yes you can create a portal if you sell memberships to your customers. You'll be able to give them exclusive access!
Post Purchase Upsells - You'll be able to craft one click upsells and downsells and even craft a thank you page with the same ability.
How To Track With UTM  - To properly know where all visitors who convert are coming from... you NEED to do this inside CF.
Enroll Yourself Today And Get All Of These Bonus Materials/Walkthroughs For FREE!!
 Send Orders To Shopify Integration
Use the supreme power of selling on clickfunnels and then utilize the backend of Shopify for processing orders! This works even for people using Oberlo or Dropified! Perfect for those who want to dropship with Clickfunnels. (expect to spend an hour or two here)
 Integrate With Your Favorite "Friend" Paypal On The Order Form
Unfortunately Clickfunnels does not have a great integration for paypal. They require you to use the paypal buy now button separate from your order form. The Funnelfessor has found the solution. (This originally took 6 hours of troubleshooting)
 "Best Seller" Highlight!
Highlight your best selling offer. This one conversion trick alone results in higher Average Order Value (AOV) on the front end offer!
 Default Product Option
Combine this with the best seller highlight! This helps to make sure your order form defaults to the option you want your customers to choose. Your AOV will skyrocket!
GET FREE Access  To The Funnel State University LABS Research Suite
The Funnelfessor has a hobby of breaking things for the future of funnelkind. This man steps boldy where no one has gone before to bring you custom coding and funnel tricks.

These Funnel Potions are MAGIC!

So the funnelfessor is going to give you access to custom "potions" to increase your conversions in your sales funnels.
 One Click Upsell Emails
Say What!!!??? Yup! Send out emails to your existing customers and they won't have to put in their card details again.
 Dynamic "FOMO" Script
A lesson in acronyms today! If you don't know what FOMO means... it's Fear Of Missing Out. You can use this custom script on your funnel and even elsewhere including Shopify or Wordpress!
 The Funnelfessor Flow
This gets updated cause funnels change. See what the funnelfessor is up to and what apps he is using on both CF & Shopify together. "If This, Then That"
PLUS! You can import these funnels into your CF account INSTANTLY!
 The Keep It Stupid Simple Funnel
It's simple... it works and converts! Designed to get you up and running quickly without too much thought.
 The "Shopify Duplicate" Funnel
On this presentation the funnelfessor mentioned he made the same flow as Shopify. Now you can have it too! Give your users the same experience and increase your AOV and conversion rate!
 The Presell Funnel
Have you ever heard of presell articles? Clickfunnels is a great platform to presell your audience on the product/s you will be selling. Long form articles leading to a tripwire (your product) is an effective funnel for many! Perfect for both low & high ticket items.
 The F+S Ecom Funnel
Free just pay shipping does work, it just needs to be executed right. Pre qualify your prospects/potential customers.  The hit them with irresistible congruent post purchase one click upsells!
 The High Ticket Presell Funnel
The Secret is Out! The Funnelfessor has got some "haters" who didn't understand the technology and sales process. Get the high ticket presell page that he uses to sell high end products and start banking!
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